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Guest Blog Post

Hey again guys.

It’s an exciting week so far! Don’t forget to check out for a copy of my guest post on her blog. I apologize for these short posts, I’ll try to bulk it up later this week. I’m going through a small learning curve at the moment getting a few short stories published as well, but I hope to have them up within the next week.


Hey everyone, if you got a moment don’t forget to check out Kathy posted an interview I shared with her about myself and Decoy. There’s also a 10 copy e-book giveaway on it for those of you who haven’t bought a copy yet 🙂

Hey guys, good news! The Fairy Tale Nerd blog will be posting my first author interview next tuesday (the 27th of this month). As they draw nearer I’ll let you all know when guest posts, book reviews and other interviews come up since each one’s unique and could be of interest to you. Book Bloggers are amazing by the way. My heart goes out to those great people who read thier favorite genres and spread the word to thier friends, they give author’s like me a great avenue for spreading the word on a college student’s non-existent budget, lol.

Hey everyone! During writer’s group last night we got into a discussion about writing techniques and came across a topic I thought was worth exploring.

The importance of carrying a concealed weapon at all times?

No, Kaltor. I meant a life lesson to help us become more productive with our time. Plus we aren’t allowed firearms on campus.

Who said anything about guns? Plastic knifes are great for skipping past metal detectors, and they have wonderful penetration…

Enough! Anyways, we are approaching November, the National Writing Month in which writers are challenged to complete a 50,000 word novel between November 1st and November 30th. We were discussing the challenges and difficulties facing writers when it comes to writing in general, and I came to a realization. 50,000 words sounds like a lot, but if you’re writing 6 days a week all month, it breaks down to about 2,000 words per day. Now THAT figure sounds a lot more manageable. But even if you aren’t into writing, picture that talent or project you’ve never quite committed yourself to. What could you do with 15 – 30 minutes per day? Over the course of a year you might be surprised how quickly it all adds up! For example, 250 words a day (one page) comes to a 90,000 word novel by the end of the year. So let your imagination stir a bit and picture a new skill you’ve wanted to acquire, you might be surprised what you can accomplish with it, even if you only put 15 minutes into it over the course of the next year.

Writer’s Group

Well, Kaltor felt like getting some “real” food today so I finally get some time to write without interruption. I just hope this time he leaves the deer outside before he skins it, it generally doesn’t help dating at all when the woman walks in on a half-skinned dear. She always double checks the ingredients of every meal you cook after that…

Anyway, today is the first day of writer’s group this semester at college. I am helping co-manage it with my friend Josh, so it will be interesting to see my fellow students’ points of view when it comes to writing and getting published. Hopefully I can inspire a few with my leap into self-publishing and bring more great stories to light for you guys. One in particular is a very perseptive reader, who always impresses me with the depth of her comments. She’s looking into publishing through the traditional route but I’ll be sure to keep you all informed when she goes live. Hope all your week is going well guys!

Fantastic Week

Well this week went great! My sales job is taking off, so I don’t have to worry as much about paying for rent next semester. A few more weeks like this and I’ll be saving up for spring semester already. Decoy is coming along slowly but surely. It always takes a while to build momentum, but it’s coming.

Plus my brother in law just got back from Iraq, which means alot to his family and 1 year old daughter! It’s great to see his family whole again. The last year’s been rather challenging. No Kaltor, you’re not allowed to spar against him.

Um… please?

No, family relations are tenuous enough without you dislocating joints and settling arguments by jujitsu matches. We’re more civilized than that in this centry.

Yeah, I saw your room mates glued to the fight matches on TV, very civilized. Just not realistic. I wish they’d at least turn on a light in that cave you call an apartment. Getting up before 2PM would do wonders for thier productivity as well.

You can go ahead and tell them that. Maybe if you stole the remote and woke them up at 7 AM they’d actually fight you.

Really? You think?

It’s a distinct possabilitiy. They’re far too connected to the TV. I think you could hold the apartment for ransom by simply taking the television hostage.

Worth investigating….

Easy Battleborn. Zero body count in my apartment please!


Well, today was a pretty good day. I’m paying for my education with a great sales job (which went very well today), managed to put another couple hours into my writing and got all caught up on my to do list for tomorrow. What more can I ask for right?

How about some actual gold?

We’ve been over this Kaltor, it’s a bright new technical world out there. A check is way lighter than heaps of metal.

Meaning it’s eaiser to steal or destroy right?

No, meaning it’s portable and easy to use. The funds transfer electronically anyway, no one has to carry anything.

But you could if you wanted to?

Of course, but why carry that much money around when all I buy are gas and groceries? I’d be practically asking for someone to come rob me.

Better than reducing it to a couple symbols on a computer screen. Far to … intangible for my taste. You college kids just get used to always charging your costs to those little plastic cards and then you run out of gold. It’s far easier to keep track of it if if’s all right in front of you.

It’s dollars, not gold. That’s what’s a bank for Kaltor. It’s a safe place for my money. Would you rather I stashed it all in my apartment?

…. You mean with your room mates and all thier friends so close by? Not particularly. But you could-

No. Not happening.

It would be safer!

I’m not burying my money like some pirate searching for buried treasure! How about you go work for the campus security and get your own job.

They won’t let me carry actual weapons.

First intelligent thing I’ve heard all day. Now stop scowling at me like that.

Sample Chapter

Greetings all, Sebrick’s busy tonight so I thought I’d sneak on and send you all the first chapter of Decoy. Enjoy this special treat if you haven’t been able to buy the e-book yet 🙂

Chapter 1 – Assassin 1

Late Night

You sure took your time getting home last night, I almost tried to track your car and find your kidnapper.

It’s called a date Kaltor, and for the record if you ever interrupt one of those in full battle array I’m putting you in the middle of a giant crowd in your underwear during the next book.

 …. Very well, I’ll give you some space then… What do you mean by date? I didn’t know you were into egyptian fruit.

A date is when you spend time with a girl genius.

Oooooh, ok that makes more sense. Where did you go anyway?

We grabbed desert, watched a movie and just sat and talked, it was nice.

… Please tell me you’re joking.


You could at least take her to an action film, or stage a robbery. You need to test her combat prowess.

What kinda girl do  you think I’m dating?!

Everyone knows the best catch for you is the one you fight best with. Otherwise you’ll end up just knocking each other out during a crisis and the bad guy gets away. Everyone looses, except the thief.

Ok, maybe in YOUR world. But I’m living in Rexburg. The most dangerous thing here is a college student behind the wheel of a car.

So, practice fighting those.

No! We’re not grabbing red bull-fighter flags and playing chicken with cars on the next date, Deal with it. Not happening.

Oh, you two are no fun at all.

Well at least we’re alive, I’ll settle for that. Welcome to the 21st century my friend.

Your century is boring.

Oh shut up, she’s way cute.




I spent most of my childhood and teen years living in Vancouver, Washington (No that’s not the capital and no, I’m not Canadian) but I have also lived in Utah, New York and Argentina. I have a fascination with Epic Fantasy and have alot of books in mind for this genre before I move on to other ones. I’ve spent years writing as a hobby and am taking my first steps towards a writing career by self-publishing “Decoy” as an E-Book.

Some of my favorite works to read are Robert Jordan’s’ “Wheel of Time” Series and Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn Trilogy”. I love the opportunity to create a completely different world and magic structure that I’ve only found fully explorable through writing fantasy.