I’m not quite sure how the words on this flashing screen are supposed to find other people to share themselves with, but Sebrick seems convinced if he punches in the letters on this device others will read them. I suppose a more thorough introduction is in order since I did technically subdue this blog’s author. Don’t worry, his arm is much better now and I’m forcing him to start working out tomorrow. I won’t have my story told by a twig with no upper body strength, it’s just not going to happen.

Anyway, I’m from a family of four. My father Gereth is a member of the Royal Court as one of the King’s Advisors, while my mother Krin is a prominent member of the Peacebinders, a local religious organization that’s reached into the hearts of a surprising number of the King’s subjects. My brother and I share a secret, which you will read about in “Decoy” but I suppose one fact I can leak to you now is my younger brother Keevan was taken a few months after his birth and his whereabouts are still hidden from us. I suppose since he’s obviously hidden from the world I should be grateful, but I can only imagine what he’s going through right now. We still share a mild connection despite it all. By the Gods’ I hope it doesn’t kick in during a fight and get me killed.