Greetings all! Kaltor here. “Decoy” is in full motion. Sebrick was just sitting at this very lap top tapping away at these infernal keys to Book Bloggers about Reviews or some such nonsense. I still can’t understand how you people can hammer on those tiny little keys on your computers without breaking them, not to mention it doesn’t look to dignified hunched over staring at a screen for hours on end.

It’s called entertainment, Kaltor. It’s something you should try sometime.

What? Just a few nights ago we watched “The Matrix” together. Didn’t that count?

You were complaining the entire time about what a “real” fight scene would be like. Ironic since most of the fighting doesn’t take place in the “real world” anyway.

Hey, I can’t help it if my training hangs on so tight to reality. It keeps me alive. Incidentally, we need to work on your work out techniques. Bicep curls and push ups don’t count.

Since when?

Since the odds of you “pushing up” or “curling” an opponent in an actual fight are ridiculously unlikely.

I’m getting ready for a fight? Do you know something I don’t?

I’ve got to keep you alive. Otherwise my story doesn’t get out at all!

Soooo, it’s not so much a question of my welfare as it is the need to get the rest of your series written.

Sounds about right, after what you put me through so far can you really blame me?

Hmmm, good point.