You sure took your time getting home last night, I almost tried to track your car and find your kidnapper.

It’s called a date Kaltor, and for the record if you ever interrupt one of those in full battle array I’m putting you in the middle of a giant crowd in your underwear during the next book.

 …. Very well, I’ll give you some space then… What do you mean by date? I didn’t know you were into egyptian fruit.

A date is when you spend time with a girl genius.

Oooooh, ok that makes more sense. Where did you go anyway?

We grabbed desert, watched a movie and just sat and talked, it was nice.

… Please tell me you’re joking.


You could at least take her to an action film, or stage a robbery. You need to test her combat prowess.

What kinda girl do  you think I’m dating?!

Everyone knows the best catch for you is the one you fight best with. Otherwise you’ll end up just knocking each other out during a crisis and the bad guy gets away. Everyone looses, except the thief.

Ok, maybe in YOUR world. But I’m living in Rexburg. The most dangerous thing here is a college student behind the wheel of a car.

So, practice fighting those.

No! We’re not grabbing red bull-fighter flags and playing chicken with cars on the next date, Deal with it. Not happening.

Oh, you two are no fun at all.

Well at least we’re alive, I’ll settle for that. Welcome to the 21st century my friend.

Your century is boring.

Oh shut up, she’s way cute.