Well, today was a pretty good day. I’m paying for my education with a great sales job (which went very well today), managed to put another couple hours into my writing and got all caught up on my to do list for tomorrow. What more can I ask for right?

How about some actual gold?

We’ve been over this Kaltor, it’s a bright new technical world out there. A check is way lighter than heaps of metal.

Meaning it’s eaiser to steal or destroy right?

No, meaning it’s portable and easy to use. The funds transfer electronically anyway, no one has to carry anything.

But you could if you wanted to?

Of course, but why carry that much money around when all I buy are gas and groceries? I’d be practically asking for someone to come rob me.

Better than reducing it to a couple symbols on a computer screen. Far to … intangible for my taste. You college kids just get used to always charging your costs to those little plastic cards and then you run out of gold. It’s far easier to keep track of it if if’s all right in front of you.

It’s dollars, not gold. That’s what’s a bank for Kaltor. It’s a safe place for my money. Would you rather I stashed it all in my apartment?

…. You mean with your room mates and all thier friends so close by? Not particularly. But you could-

No. Not happening.

It would be safer!

I’m not burying my money like some pirate searching for buried treasure! How about you go work for the campus security and get your own job.

They won’t let me carry actual weapons.

First intelligent thing I’ve heard all day. Now stop scowling at me like that.