Well this week went great! My sales job is taking off, so I don’t have to worry as much about paying for rent next semester. A few more weeks like this and I’ll be saving up for spring semester already. Decoy is coming along slowly but surely. It always takes a while to build momentum, but it’s coming.

Plus my brother in law just got back from Iraq, which means alot to his family and 1 year old daughter! It’s great to see his family whole again. The last year’s been rather challenging. No Kaltor, you’re not allowed to spar against him.

Um… please?

No, family relations are tenuous enough without you dislocating joints and settling arguments by jujitsu matches. We’re more civilized than that in this centry.

Yeah, I saw your room mates glued to the fight matches on TV, very civilized. Just not realistic. I wish they’d at least turn on a light in that cave you call an apartment. Getting up before 2PM would do wonders for thier productivity as well.

You can go ahead and tell them that. Maybe if you stole the remote and woke them up at 7 AM they’d actually fight you.

Really? You think?

It’s a distinct possabilitiy. They’re far too connected to the TV. I think you could hold the apartment for ransom by simply taking the television hostage.

Worth investigating….

Easy Battleborn. Zero body count in my apartment please!