Hey everyone, turns out I’ve decided to move back to Washington in the next couple weeks. I’m hoping while there I’ll be able to put alot more time into my writing than I have now so in the next couple months I expect to produce another novel in a different venue while I give Decoy time to gather a modest following.

Hey Sebrick, got a sec?

I’m a little busy Kaltor what do you need?

Well, I’ve been looking at your to-do list before you leave and I’m a bit concerned. After all, I need to keep you alive at least until you finish my series.

Glad to know you’re motivations are completely selfless.

Absolutely. No personal gain whatsoever. Anyway, your supplies are far too meager for a 500 mile journey. I don’t see any horse feed on your shopping list and I don’t care how much of this ‘money’ you have on that ridiculous plastic card but there’s no way you’ll survive a trip through high mountain desert with only one water bottle.

I’ve told you Kaltor, I’m taking my car. The trip will take two days if I stop to visit friends on the way. They even provide the food, I’ll be fine.

Whatever, you’re at least traveling with a full days supply of water, that will keep you healthy until help arrives should you crash. Now, about your weaponry.

My what?! It’s a road trip, not a armed getaway.

Robbers have cars too, you could be accosted for all I know. Now, you’ll need a sheath around your ankle for the skinning knife and a concealed weapon under your coat. The least you can do is buy a small gun, they don’t take much skill at melee range.

I am not going to drive down I-84 armed for war! I can just picture getting pulled over for something minor, leaning over for my ID in the glove compartment and watching my gun fall to the ground as the cop watches over my shoulder. I’d rather avoid that particular situation, thanks alot.

Fine but you’re at least going to take some Jujitsu classes when you get there right? No writer your age should be overweight, not if he’s tellling my story at least.

Ok, ok. Deal. Now will you please put the extention cord back in the closet?

Why? Put it in your back seat and if someone attacks you, you’re armed to either strangle them or jab ’em in the eye with the plug-in. Do you have any tasers?

No! Put it down and go for a run.

Ok, but I already hid a knife in the cushion of your driver seat, fyi.

Get out!