Hey guys,

The move went just fine. I didn’t have to resort to any combative self-defense techniques, aside from the heater war I had with my navigator, who by nature is perpetually cold. I’m successfully relocated to Vancouver, WA. Just in time for the OryCon Science Fiction Writing Convention down in Portland, should be fun 🙂

On a more important note, within the next month I will be done with the final draft of another novel I’ve had stashed away collecting dust. It’ll be a little late for the halloween season but it’ll be a zombie novel that would even give Kaltor a run for his money.

Wanna bet? Stick me in there and find out.

No. I refuse to cross the genre’s like that. Besides, the zombies don’t have a leader for you to assassinate, you’d have to take them all individually.

Just let me bring a few Battleborn along then and we’ll see how long they last…

For the last time, no! Don’t you have enough on your plate at the moment with a city to put back  together and all?

Ugh, I suppose. Kinda boring though. I’m not the most … personal, of people.

Then just focus on your job and I’ll get back to you in a while. Don’t forget to train daily, you’ll need it.

I’ll bet.