Hey guys,

I recently attended a writer’s dinner this week with Camille Alexa, Cheri Lasota, and F. I. Goldhaber! It was a great expirience and I recieved some great advice from them as to how to best pursue the continuation of Kaltor’s series, “Assassin Rising”. I’ve tentatively placed a goal to finish and publish book two of the series before the end of this month, (my fingers and Kaltor’s daggers are crossed for luck).

This will be the first book in which Kaltor and his family puruse the Destroyer directly, soon after the demise of her decoy. Planning for this novel is proving much more in depth than the previous one since I’m now trying to plan a couple books ahead as I write the outline, in order to avoid any potential mix-ups down the road. Stay tuned for additional updates in the weeks to come!