Hey everybody,

Hope you’ve all got exciting plans this weekend! Thanks to everyone whose worked with me on thier blogs, and especially for those who have bought copies of Decoy. Next month is going to be very exciting and I’m looking forwards to sharing some new developments with you all.

The rough draft for Kaltor’s second novel Deluge is coming along great so far. I’m looking forwards to finishing the second installment in Kaltor’s story. Often times my characters tend to do whatever they want, so plot twists or even the ending can turn out differently than what I planned.

Well in the great Abyss would I do things your way? Come on, booooooring!

I’m just saying a little cooperation would be appreciated sometimes, that’s all.

Appreciation? I’m here aren’t I?

Yes you’re here and all, but I could do without the Jujitsu lessons. We have nice carpet but it doesn’t deserve THAT close an inspection.

You just need a deeper appreciation for the finer things in life.

Rug burns? That’s what you call the finer things?

Are you kidding? Carpet is wonderful. I’ve been sleeping on hard earth or stone for the last five years. It’s one of those modern comforts I really enjoy.

Only because in your mind it has a secondary use as an interrogation method.

One must be flexible in a profession such as mine. Vacuum cleaners are another intriguing option.

There are moments when you concern me.

Likewise, my soft squishy friend. Likewise.