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Happy Holidays

Hope you had a great holiday season with friends and family!

I spent the last week over in Idaho with my sister’s family. I’ve been squeezing writing time in between card games,  entertaining my one year old niece Ayla, and shooting pool with my dad (I’m still working on keeping the white ball out of the pockets, stupid long shots). For some reason I always play better if I bring a date, but then bringing my dad along would just defeat the purpose. That’s a catch-22 for you I guess 🙂

My first reader, who focuses mostly on broad topics like character development and general plot, will be done with her critique by week’s end. The last stop before publication is my editor, which shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to make sure all the nitty gritty grammar details are taken care of. I want to thank everyone for their patience as I’ve been bringing “Deluge” into being during the holiday season, which is taking a bit longer than I expected, but will be worth the wait!

I’d like to try something new as 2011 draws to a close. If any of you are reading this with an extra moment to spare, I’d love to hear about any memorable christmas experiences you’ve had this year or in the past. I will consider posting a few of them in the future (with the owner’s permission of course) if I find them particularly touching or comical. I can be reached at

One christmas I’ve always remembered happened when I was fifteen. My parents spent three years tracking down a book called “The Secrets to Writing Successful Fiction” by Robert Newton Peck. It’s one of the simplest and most useful books on writing fiction that I’ve come across, but since it’s long since out of print, finding it alone was a small miracle.  It isn’t always the largest or most expensive gifts that linger in our memories, it’s the ones that carry the most meaning to those we care about.

I’ll be in touch later this week, have a great day everybody 🙂



Rough Draft: Check

Hey Everyone,

This week my second book Deluge finally got into the hands of my first reader. She goes over the plot, character development and wider scope of the novel before I send it out for the nitty gritty editing. It took longer than I’d anticipated to get the ball rolling on this, so I’m tentatively hoping to have this done and on the market before New Years (my fingers are crossed).

The Christmas Holidays are getting closer every day, hope you’ve already finished your christmas shopping (dang it, that’s one thing I still need to get done).

Not the best person to give advice on the subject are you Sebrick?

That’s enough Kaltor, You’re not tricking me into divulging your gift. Now if you could listen in on my Grandpa’s conversations and figure out what HE wants, I’d appreciate. Put your stealth skills to good use for once.

Conversations?  He’s pretty much limited to watching TV and house-hold chores, and no, I refuse to shadow him while on his weekly retreat to his fishing buddies lunch. It the same stories every time, they just forget each week what the old news was. Yaaaaawn.

Well he is over eighty years old, I’d say he’s earned the reprieve. What exactly do you plan on doing when you’re eighty?

Will I still be alive by then? Is that a promise?

Let’s just say its a fair bet you’ll be around a while.

Alright, alright. I assume I’ll be the primary source of stories and wisdom. The young ones will be in charge of the chores.

So, basically a lazier version of grandpa’s daily routine now?

Yaaaaawn. I’m not eighty yet. Let me enjoy what years I have ok?

Ok, ok. How about we go paintballing next week?


Latest News

Hey everyone, here’s the latest news from the triple bachelor pad 🙂

Yeah, it’s true. In between semesters of college I’m rooming with my dad and grandpa, who are both single. This couldn’t possibly be a hereditary condition could it? Lord I hope not!

Well, Deluge is coming along very well. I’ve got the graphics designer all set for the e-cover and this monday I’m dropping off the rough draft to my first reader. I should be about two weeks away from Deluge hitting the electronic shelves, at least I really hope I am. I keep waking to Kaltor standing over me looking imposing and rather frustrated (shudder). I wish he’d stop toying with my shaving razor and smiling mischeviously at me, it doesn’t help the creative process at all.

Course it does. It’s called motivation. Works wonders in almost any situation.

Trembling fingers do NOT type any faster Kaltor. They hit all the wrong keys and I end up having to correct stuff again and again. Easy up buddy, Deluge is on its way. Some characters wait 6 – 12 months for thier next story to hit the shelves, consider yourself lucky.

You’re going to consider yourself MIA unless you get this moving.

It IS moving, I just told everyone that. The new e-cover will be up within a week or so, you’re going to love it! Now hold still while I take a picture for the cover artist… please drop the hunting bow, believe it or not that’s mostly for decorative purposes.

Decorative? I didn’t know you were into hanging up trophies from your victims, literaly 😉

Wow, you wonder why I’m still single huh?

Nope, not really. You move around too much to put down roots… you snore.

Do not.

Ever taped yourself?


I rest my case.

Hey guys, here’s some questions from previous author interviews if you’re curious 🙂

If you were a superhero what would your name be? Super Seth. Seriously, that’s the one I chose for myself when I was five, I even wrote a theme song then inspired by Captain Planet about “Putting the bad guys down to zero”.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose? I’d have to go with wolverine’s health regeneration and adamantium claws, but I did just write a novel about a kick butt assassin so I’m sure that’s influencing my decision making process just a bit.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Anything besides vanilla. What’s the fun of desert if you only go with one basic flavor?

Night owl, or early bird? Aspiring early bird, perpetual night owl.

One food you would never eat? I will never eat a cockroach EVER again!

Pet Peeves? My alarm clock’s high pitched shriek. The ironic thing is I can’t get rid of it since it works so well at waking me up! The downside is occasionally I hear it on the radio and twitch uncontrobably. Not a good habit to demonstrate on a first date…

What inspired you to want to become a writer? I’d say it’s a natural evolution from playing legos for hours on end when I was ten. Making up terrific stories and exotic worlds is alot of fun 🙂 My Aunt DiAnne and my writer’s group mentor Dr. Carey had a strong impact on my work as well though. They encouraged me to keep pushing at it, no matter what.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published. I wrote the memoirs for four winners of the Women of Achievement program during my first two years of college. At the time it was a great chance to make money off my writing but I never expected to be granted applause at the award’s ceremony at the Hilton. Writing has opened doors for me I never could have dreamed of touching on my own. It’s always fueled my desire to keep honing my skills.

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen? The Walking Drum. Kerbouchard is so good at getting into and out of trouble with his witty humor and sheer luck it makes for a terrific read.

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors? Keep at it. The more stories you write, the more cash streams you’ll have available when you get something published and people start paying attention to you.

What is your favorite Quote? “True Nobility is not waking the next morning better than the other guy. It’s waking the next morning a better man than you were the day before.”

Can you see yourself in any of your characters? Kaltor, the main character in Decoy, has a lot of attributes I aspire to. If I wrote the way he trained, this series would be almost done by now;

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you? Just do your best and forget everything else.

Nickname? ‘Buddy’ if you’re family, or Sethie if you’re under the age of 5.

How do you react to a bad review? It’s a challenge to write a better story.

Which authors have influenced you most how? I’d have to say J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson have really impacted my writing style when it comes to how I write Epic Fantasy. I’ve learned alot about deeply immersing yourself and the writer into another world.