Hey everyone, here’s the latest news from the triple bachelor pad 🙂

Yeah, it’s true. In between semesters of college I’m rooming with my dad and grandpa, who are both single. This couldn’t possibly be a hereditary condition could it? Lord I hope not!

Well, Deluge is coming along very well. I’ve got the graphics designer all set for the e-cover and this monday I’m dropping off the rough draft to my first reader. I should be about two weeks away from Deluge hitting the electronic shelves, at least I really hope I am. I keep waking to Kaltor standing over me looking imposing and rather frustrated (shudder). I wish he’d stop toying with my shaving razor and smiling mischeviously at me, it doesn’t help the creative process at all.

Course it does. It’s called motivation. Works wonders in almost any situation.

Trembling fingers do NOT type any faster Kaltor. They hit all the wrong keys and I end up having to correct stuff again and again. Easy up buddy, Deluge is on its way. Some characters wait 6 – 12 months for thier next story to hit the shelves, consider yourself lucky.

You’re going to consider yourself MIA unless you get this moving.

It IS moving, I just told everyone that. The new e-cover will be up within a week or so, you’re going to love it! Now hold still while I take a picture for the cover artist… please drop the hunting bow, believe it or not that’s mostly for decorative purposes.

Decorative? I didn’t know you were into hanging up trophies from your victims, literaly 😉

Wow, you wonder why I’m still single huh?

Nope, not really. You move around too much to put down roots… you snore.

Do not.

Ever taped yourself?


I rest my case.