Hey Everyone,

This week my second book Deluge finally got into the hands of my first reader. She goes over the plot, character development and wider scope of the novel before I send it out for the nitty gritty editing. It took longer than I’d anticipated to get the ball rolling on this, so I’m tentatively hoping to have this done and on the market before New Years (my fingers are crossed).

The Christmas Holidays are getting closer every day, hope you’ve already finished your christmas shopping (dang it, that’s one thing I still need to get done).

Not the best person to give advice on the subject are you Sebrick?

That’s enough Kaltor, You’re not tricking me into divulging your gift. Now if you could listen in on my Grandpa’s conversations and figure out what HE wants, I’d appreciate. Put your stealth skills to good use for once.

Conversations?  He’s pretty much limited to watching TV and house-hold chores, and no, I refuse to shadow him while on his weekly retreat to his fishing buddies lunch. It the same stories every time, they just forget each week what the old news was. Yaaaaawn.

Well he is over eighty years old, I’d say he’s earned the reprieve. What exactly do you plan on doing when you’re eighty?

Will I still be alive by then? Is that a promise?

Let’s just say its a fair bet you’ll be around a while.

Alright, alright. I assume I’ll be the primary source of stories and wisdom. The young ones will be in charge of the chores.

So, basically a lazier version of grandpa’s daily routine now?

Yaaaaawn. I’m not eighty yet. Let me enjoy what years I have ok?

Ok, ok. How about we go paintballing next week?