Hope you had a great holiday season with friends and family!

I spent the last week over in Idaho with my sister’s family. I’ve been squeezing writing time in between card games,  entertaining my one year old niece Ayla, and shooting pool with my dad (I’m still working on keeping the white ball out of the pockets, stupid long shots). For some reason I always play better if I bring a date, but then bringing my dad along would just defeat the purpose. That’s a catch-22 for you I guess 🙂

My first reader, who focuses mostly on broad topics like character development and general plot, will be done with her critique by week’s end. The last stop before publication is my editor, which shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to make sure all the nitty gritty grammar details are taken care of. I want to thank everyone for their patience as I’ve been bringing “Deluge” into being during the holiday season, which is taking a bit longer than I expected, but will be worth the wait!

I’d like to try something new as 2011 draws to a close. If any of you are reading this with an extra moment to spare, I’d love to hear about any memorable christmas experiences you’ve had this year or in the past. I will consider posting a few of them in the future (with the owner’s permission of course) if I find them particularly touching or comical. I can be reached at sbsebrick@gmail.com.

One christmas I’ve always remembered happened when I was fifteen. My parents spent three years tracking down a book called “The Secrets to Writing Successful Fiction” by Robert Newton Peck. It’s one of the simplest and most useful books on writing fiction that I’ve come across, but since it’s long since out of print, finding it alone was a small miracle.  It isn’t always the largest or most expensive gifts that linger in our memories, it’s the ones that carry the most meaning to those we care about.

I’ll be in touch later this week, have a great day everybody 🙂