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Animal Antics

Today I felt like making a more comedic post, and this picture a friend of mine posted on facebook said it all! For those of you who in the past have owned dogs or cats, this just hit the spot. The best part for me is the fact we owned a dog and cat like these, at the same time.

Try to picture a 12 inch long Maltese dog, named Toby. Hyper, barely trained, with the spirit of a Doberman if any foreign person shows up he doesn’t know. In truth, I was baby sitting a full-grown Alaskan Husky, which more than once Toby declared war on. My little thirteen year old body could barely keep the beast, inversely named Princess, from catching our family dog as Toby would dive under the kitchen table, still yammering relentlessly. The beast in full pursuit.

Now at the same time, we owned the largest cat I’ve ever seen (not counting wild ones of course) named Matilda. As you can guess by her name, she ran things around the house. At 26 pounds in weight, she’d sit down on the couch and relax, individual fat roles slowly settling outwards like a puddle of fur until she consumed an entire four-feet-by-four-feet couch cushion. At 22 inches in circumference and 26 inches in length, she was as long (tail included) as my littlest sister was tall.

We owned them at the same time, so hyper little Toby always needed a play mate and Matilda just wanted to sit in front of her food bowl and yowl at us until we filled it again. One day, he chewed her tail one too many times and she pinned his head against the couch with one paw and wailed on his head for a good ten seconds with the other. Lucky for Toby, she was de-clawed in the front, so he lived to chew on her another day. Or in this case, about 60 seconds later, once the world stopped spinning.

Matilda was also known for waking one of us in the middle of the night by crawling onto our chest and constricting our breathing. Not for food, not for companionship… But because the most undesirable of events had transpired: The light was not on in the bathroom, and she could not use her litter box without being able to see it.

Sometimes Sebrick, I wonder who trains who in those situations. Especially when you fully grown adults are cleaning up after house pets. What’s the point of a furry companion if you can’t hunt with it?

For the last time Kaltor, the only hunting most people do involves a super market and a credit card. We can look beyond the basic needs of survival. Besides, it teaches kids responsibility.

It teaches them to be soft. I read a newspaper article once urging the public to buy meat from the stores, so that no animals are harmed in the making thereof, as opposed to hunting something on your own. I thought she was kidding, then realized she was serious. Very sad. Some of you think meat mysteriously emerges from nothingness, wrapped in plastic and ready for consumption.

Beats twitching like a jack rabbit whenever you see a deer. No, you’re never getting a license to drive.

Oh come on, it’s SO much easier to just swerve a bit and catch dinner that way. If the creature is stupid enough to jump in front of a moving vehicle, why allow it to repopulate and produce more offspring with similar levels of intelligence? Best to prevent that attribute from spreading to the general populace.

Kaltor, some readers here still see a deer and think “Bambi”. You probably shouldn’t mention eating him too much. I’m just saying, there are no age limits on this blog. Some poor five-year old kid might read about your deer hunting strategies and start bawling. How would you feel then?

Proud that if society collapsed, that kid would know some effective strategies for putting meat on the table.

You are hopeless at times, you know that?

That’s why I have you my friend, now go write another chapter.



Here’s a couple reviews and giveaway you can check out in a spare moment 🙂 Something to let you guys see some of the ways word is spreading about the Assassin’s Rising Series.

Kelly’s Blog ‘ The Bookscape Report’ ( has been kind enough to open up a giveaway for Decoy over the course of the next couple weeks, so if any of your friends are interested in obtaining a free copy, make sure to check out Kelly’s blog for the details.

Deluge is also arriving on The Book Addict Blog where she is offering a special giveaway of 5 copies of both Decoy and Deluge. That’s five times better odds than most giveaways 😉 Click here and try your luck!

Book Are Better: Fantasy Book Reviews are also doing a 5 copy giveaway for Deluge. Check it out HERE.

A special month-long giveaway for Deluge is still availiable at as well. It’s going a for the rest of the month so there’s still time. Feel free to check it out here.

Impending Move

Now that Deluge is on the market, the hunt is on for new living quarters.

Given the state of the economy lately, I’ve been staying with my dad and grandpa these last few months.  Family is a great fall back (for which I’m very grateful), but I can’t help but over hear a little voice in my head whispering to me to get an apartment and some additional individuality. Nothing’s ever 100% in this business, so it won’t be all to myself, but a few friends of mine have offered to room with me. Assuming they work 9 -5 ish jobs, I’ll still have time to myself to write, with more social opportunities in the evening.

Grandpa’s house has some great perks, but proximity to the city isn’t one of them. Dairy farms don’t reside anywhere near the city’s center. Not that Vancouver is such a thriving metropolis, but when the only passerby are family members and stray cattle you know there’s some room for improvement!

Man up Sebrick, you have one of those metal horses. Just use that instead.

Kaltor, Haven’t you heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind?” The opposite applies as well. Its easier to hang with friends in the next room than those on the other side of town. Plus there’s just something redeeming about paying for your own place. Or even a quarter of your own place, but at least it will be my quarter right?

Naw, both options mean you’ll have to emerge from that cave you call a room, or quarter of a cave if you go through with the move.

Look, not all of us have a royal expense account to fall back on. I’m moving, not splurging. It means I can get to your next book more quickly, so count your blessings. Save the “Man up” moments for the next novel, you’ll need ’em.

Oh please, tell me you’re not sticking me on another horse.

There are worse things…

Like what for example?

Oh no, no hints for you. Taneth’s right, fear of the unknown is the best motivator. Now behave or I’ll tweak the next book accordingly. No more knife sharpening in the mornings. It scares the crap out of me to wake up to that kind of alarm clock.

Urg. Fine. But at least go for a run. If you want to get further into my head, you’ll have to lose that pot belly.

I don’t have a pot belly!

You’re working on it. You’re all soft, at least do some bone conditioning.

I’m not punching steal just feel closer to you. I won’t be able to type if I break both my hands. Besides, they’d probably commit me to an institution if I told the doctor “My assassin friend told me to.”

What did you say earlier about needing peace and quiet?

Stop twisting my words around. Go play with your daggers.

Fine, but I need a new target.

What happened to the dart board?

Well… got any matches? It’s been pretty cold in the morning’s right?

Sight, another one? Ok, I’ll get some paper.

DELUGE Has Arrived!


Good news! Deluge, the second book in the Assassin’s Rising series, is up for sale on and!

The city of Shaylis still lives, the traitor Melshek is slain, but the Destroyer walks freely upon the earth.

Kaltor’s newly awoken link to his brother causes more problems than it solves, bringing five years of dampened doubt and fear crashing down on his mind. Suspicion between his parents tests the bonds of his family’s loyalty. Mysterious deaths and demonic dreams haunt their path as they attempt to cut off the Destroyer before she reaches civilization.

Their efforts against the Destroyer collide upon the walls of the capital city, Levarion. Here the fate of king and realm will be decided in a relentless battle of both mind and steel as the Abyssian’s full power and her new champion are finally revealed.

Enjoy this addition to the story of Kaltor Stratagar, the Battleborn.

That’s enough pomp, Sebrick.

Kaltor, it’s been awhile! Exciting novel isn’t it my friend?

Don’t you ‘my friend’ me!

Ummm, is everything ok?

You stuck me on a horse, for days!

Are you serious? Everything you went through in Deluge and that’s your biggest complaint?

There were women involved, you sadistic monstrosity.

Oh, that… well, it’s important to keep one’s ego in check isn’t it? Even for assassins?

We also have something called dignity. Did you have to put the other assassins there to? You couldn’t have put me on a dark road with limited witnesses? It’s hard to intimidate people into submission when they’re chuckling at you behind their back.

Look, considering how things went in Levarion, I’d say you ended with more dignity than you lost, did you not?

That’s beside the point. Next time you’re on a horse, I’m kicking its flanks extra-hard, just for you. Hope you bring a woman along to watch the show.

I drive a Chevy. You’re welcome to kick it anytime if that makes you feel better. Just stay away from my date, or I’ll hit you with a taser.

Ooooh, what a man you are. Gonna hide behind that thing every time we argue?

Until I’ve had a couple years of martial arts training, you bet. Deal with it.

Review for Decoy

Hey everyone, thought you might like to check out the book review for DECOY on The Bibliophilic Book Blog.

My fingers are crossed, but book #2, DELUGE, will be arriving on the electronic book shelves within the week! Hang in there guys, it’s almost done!


“Decoy” Giveaway

Hey everyone, I’m hard at the grindstone here finishing up the last bits of “Deluge”. While we’re waiting to hear back from my editor, there’s an exciting E-book giveaway of Decoy availiable on open for the next day  or so. Any of you who haven’t purchased a copy of Decoy yet, or would like a free one for a friend, feel free to check it out!