Good news! Deluge, the second book in the Assassin’s Rising series, is up for sale on and!

The city of Shaylis still lives, the traitor Melshek is slain, but the Destroyer walks freely upon the earth.

Kaltor’s newly awoken link to his brother causes more problems than it solves, bringing five years of dampened doubt and fear crashing down on his mind. Suspicion between his parents tests the bonds of his family’s loyalty. Mysterious deaths and demonic dreams haunt their path as they attempt to cut off the Destroyer before she reaches civilization.

Their efforts against the Destroyer collide upon the walls of the capital city, Levarion. Here the fate of king and realm will be decided in a relentless battle of both mind and steel as the Abyssian’s full power and her new champion are finally revealed.

Enjoy this addition to the story of Kaltor Stratagar, the Battleborn.

That’s enough pomp, Sebrick.

Kaltor, it’s been awhile! Exciting novel isn’t it my friend?

Don’t you ‘my friend’ me!

Ummm, is everything ok?

You stuck me on a horse, for days!

Are you serious? Everything you went through in Deluge and that’s your biggest complaint?

There were women involved, you sadistic monstrosity.

Oh, that… well, it’s important to keep one’s ego in check isn’t it? Even for assassins?

We also have something called dignity. Did you have to put the other assassins there to? You couldn’t have put me on a dark road with limited witnesses? It’s hard to intimidate people into submission when they’re chuckling at you behind their back.

Look, considering how things went in Levarion, I’d say you ended with more dignity than you lost, did you not?

That’s beside the point. Next time you’re on a horse, I’m kicking its flanks extra-hard, just for you. Hope you bring a woman along to watch the show.

I drive a Chevy. You’re welcome to kick it anytime if that makes you feel better. Just stay away from my date, or I’ll hit you with a taser.

Ooooh, what a man you are. Gonna hide behind that thing every time we argue?

Until I’ve had a couple years of martial arts training, you bet. Deal with it.