Now that Deluge is on the market, the hunt is on for new living quarters.

Given the state of the economy lately, I’ve been staying with my dad and grandpa these last few months.  Family is a great fall back (for which I’m very grateful), but I can’t help but over hear a little voice in my head whispering to me to get an apartment and some additional individuality. Nothing’s ever 100% in this business, so it won’t be all to myself, but a few friends of mine have offered to room with me. Assuming they work 9 -5 ish jobs, I’ll still have time to myself to write, with more social opportunities in the evening.

Grandpa’s house has some great perks, but proximity to the city isn’t one of them. Dairy farms don’t reside anywhere near the city’s center. Not that Vancouver is such a thriving metropolis, but when the only passerby are family members and stray cattle you know there’s some room for improvement!

Man up Sebrick, you have one of those metal horses. Just use that instead.

Kaltor, Haven’t you heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind?” The opposite applies as well. Its easier to hang with friends in the next room than those on the other side of town. Plus there’s just something redeeming about paying for your own place. Or even a quarter of your own place, but at least it will be my quarter right?

Naw, both options mean you’ll have to emerge from that cave you call a room, or quarter of a cave if you go through with the move.

Look, not all of us have a royal expense account to fall back on. I’m moving, not splurging. It means I can get to your next book more quickly, so count your blessings. Save the “Man up” moments for the next novel, you’ll need ’em.

Oh please, tell me you’re not sticking me on another horse.

There are worse things…

Like what for example?

Oh no, no hints for you. Taneth’s right, fear of the unknown is the best motivator. Now behave or I’ll tweak the next book accordingly. No more knife sharpening in the mornings. It scares the crap out of me to wake up to that kind of alarm clock.

Urg. Fine. But at least go for a run. If you want to get further into my head, you’ll have to lose that pot belly.

I don’t have a pot belly!

You’re working on it. You’re all soft, at least do some bone conditioning.

I’m not punching steal just feel closer to you. I won’t be able to type if I break both my hands. Besides, they’d probably commit me to an institution if I told the doctor “My assassin friend told me to.”

What did you say earlier about needing peace and quiet?

Stop twisting my words around. Go play with your daggers.

Fine, but I need a new target.

What happened to the dart board?

Well… got any matches? It’s been pretty cold in the morning’s right?

Sight, another one? Ok, I’ll get some paper.