Here’s a couple reviews and giveaway you can check out in a spare moment 🙂 Something to let you guys see some of the ways word is spreading about the Assassin’s Rising Series.

Kelly’s Blog ‘ The Bookscape Report’ ( has been kind enough to open up a giveaway for Decoy over the course of the next couple weeks, so if any of your friends are interested in obtaining a free copy, make sure to check out Kelly’s blog for the details.

Deluge is also arriving on The Book Addict Blog where she is offering a special giveaway of 5 copies of both Decoy and Deluge. That’s five times better odds than most giveaways 😉 Click here and try your luck!

Book Are Better: Fantasy Book Reviews are also doing a 5 copy giveaway for Deluge. Check it out HERE.

A special month-long giveaway for Deluge is still availiable at as well. It’s going a for the rest of the month so there’s still time. Feel free to check it out here.