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Son’s Bargain

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I’m adding a category called “Forgotten Chronicles”. Here I will post links to short stories written in memory of various characters within the “Assassin’s Rising” series. The catch here is anyone who is curious about the background of any character in Kaltor’s series, can email me at and request a short story detailing scene’s they’re curious about.

Once I’ve accumulated enough stories, I will be making them available as a short story collection in both electronic and paperback mediums. For now, they will be made availiabe in electronic formats for Kindles and Nooks alike.

For example, as a tribute to Kaltor’s friend, Jensai, I’m posting a story called “Son’s Bargain” which entails how the Battle Born Jensai first joined Master Taneth and his assassins.

This story is available on amazon for $1.00 by clicking here.

“Son’s Bargain” can also be found on Barnes and Noble’s website for $1.00, here.


Glitch Resolved

Ok, the glitch is taken care of and “Decoy” is back up for sale. “Deluge” will be following suit within the next week. Enjoy everybody!


FYI – Createspace just got a minor glitch with “Decoy”, it will be back up for sale within a day or so at the latest. No worries!

Great news! I just finished getting “Decoy” established on Createspace as a $13.00 Paperback book. Click here to check it out or go to . Next I’m tackling “Deluge”, which should be up for purchase on Createspace as well by the first week of March 🙂

Here’s the chance to share this story will all your friends who aren’t “E-book” inclined. Enjoy!


Modern Jedi

See, Kaltor? There it is, in black and white. Someone mastering these three principles in their youth are pretty much the best of all three worlds, the ‘Modern Jedi’. Get it wrong and you end up either a nerd, zombie or bum. That’s the real conflict growing up. No where on this table are combat skills, tracking or assassination techniques, get the picture? Our society is beyond that.

Nope, it’s there. They sub-headed combat training under social life.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

No, it makes perfect sense. If you want to associate with the best people (or woman for that matter) you’ll have to fight off all other interested parties. I know you people generally keep your wits about you when there are women watching, but the moment the object of your mutual desires leaves the stage, the battle will ensue.

There are some topics I feel like you will never understand. There is such a thing as gentlemen in this era, despite what hollywood would have you think.

Hey, I’ve seen the star wars movies. Jedi are quite impressive, don’t tell me a modern equivalent of a Jedi can’t handle himself in a fight.

Ok, bad example maybe. But you understand why I can’t arrange an accident for every guy that likes the same girl I like, right?

Because you’re too noisy to move unheard and to slow to strike from the shadows? All it takes is a push from the right angle as a car passes by and you’re good.

Sometimes, you creep me out. FYI.

FY What?

It means ‘For Your Information’.

Ah, ok then. What’s the ‘gentlemen’s’ equivalent of an assassination?

Depends on the girl. Some buy a puppy, others arrange for her to see them with kids. I’ve seen both fail and work. There are no guarantees in the dating world. It’s as perilous socially as yours is literally.

Right. I’m quivering in my boots right now at the thought of the infamous and terrifying ‘meet the parents’ moment.

Now you’re just mocking me. That’s a very real concern. He could be a judge or forensic expert, those could end very badly. One of these days you’ll have to co-exist with others in this world. You’re a YA character after all, as in child-friendly.

I’m fine with kids. I’m protective and if he’s got aptitude I’ll have using an effective choke hold within an hour.

Sigh. Remind me to not take you along to my upcoming family reunion.

Oh, I’ll be there. You just won’t see me 😉


Hey Guys,

The next book in the series, Defiant, is already past the “first draft stage” and I’ve sent it off to my first reader for review. Once she’s done with it, I can make any major changes I need to and send it to my editor (who will soon be on his honeymoon, congratulations Jacob!). If all goes according to plan (and even if a few minor things don’t) Defiant will be on the market by the end of next month 🙂

Well Sebrick, Took you long enough to get that writing brain on the road. I spent months locked away in writer-limbo waiting for these people to get Deluge, thank the Gods I won’t have to wait as long to get Defiant out there.

It couldn’t be helped Kaltor, the holiday season is not known for its work ethic. Unless you get stuck babysitting during the family reunion.

That all depends on what’s motivating them and how fast they’re working… The freelancers I mean, not the sitter.

No, I will not kidnap, scheme or bully anyone into getting your stuff done faster. You will have to wait in line with the rest of the book characters. The holidays are just really busy and you’ll have to be patient.

I’m only patient before a job, while I scope out the target.

You will have to consider the holidays as serious “scope out” time then. Take it easy, relax a bit. While we wait, start telling me some useful detials for book 4, I’ve got to start brainstorming.

There’s Hope

Hey everybody, Happy V-Day!

I was pondering a bit on the holiday currently under way and decided to share a ray of hope for those of you still single (myself included).

When I was thirteen, there were three of us who were particularly close. Ben, Blake and I were the gaming guru’s of our little group (listed in the order of severity when it comes to electronic forms of entertainment). Ben owned and beat every N-64 game I ever heard of, Blake beat Final Fantasy Eight so many times they could listen to the soundtrack and name the place and characters for each song. Then there was me, who kinda dabbled in all of the above enough to maintain my dignity on multiplayer, but still managed to pull off something of a social life.

The years went by and predictions were made. Multiple parties decided I would marry first, followed by Blake and lastly Ben (the underlying theory being that the biggest gamer would meet less girls and so on and so forth). Low and behold, three years ago Ben beat us all to the punch! Apparently during his intermittent gaming sessions, he’d made a large enough impression to catch her interest and eventually a life-time committment 😉

In the true spirit of bro-law, we were invited to and attended the wedding. Blake and I sat in the back of the restaurant at the wedding reception, watching guests arrive and gifts pile up. I noticed my friend didn’t look particularly well, and when asked he responded, with a bewildered shake of his head. “I just can’t comprehend it. He’s not single anymore. How did this happen?”

At which point, being the understanding and sympathetic person that I am (riiiight), I leaned over and said, “Well, just imagine when it’s your wife-to-be saying ‘honey, here’s our present from so-and-so.'”

Blake reeled back in his seat, clutched his head and hissed, “No, no, no! That’s nuts! I’m not ready for that at all!”

Feeling particularly relentless I leaned in further and whispered “How about… Good morning daddy?”

Blake’s moan of mental overload filled the entire restaurant to such extents that even patrons on the opposite side of the building glanced over, making sure no one was in need of medical attention. Turns out, only a month later Blake found his special someone and married her six months later. Then it was my turn to have my mind blow, as my close friend went from Final Fantasy weekends to “My girl friend doesn’t like Playstation!”

Moral of the story, keep your chin up and keep on going 🙂 The right one is somewhere around the corner, so till he/she arrives make some memories with your friends and be on your guard for love unlooked-for. After all, it’s V-Day, you never know what will happen!

Perfect Marraige


I saw this facebook post from a friend and just about died laughing. Have to say I can’t imagine a better match in a girl than what this picture demonstrates. Nothing like a rousing duel of wit and reflexes to break up the boring daily routine!

This weapon is loaded Sebrick? Very nice, but I thought your combat affinity only went as far as the written page. Without the proper training, you might accidentally kill her or the other way around. Then who would put my story to paper for me?

Uh… Kaltor, that’s a nerf gun. As in foam “bullets” with rubber tips. It couldn’t harm the family pet, much less a human being.

Oh. Well, that doesn’t make much sense at all. Where’s the fun in that?

Its called being spontaneous. Nerf would be awesome. But I at least, would feel deeply freaked out if I found a note like this next to an actual weapon, modern or otherwise. That’s more along the lines of a messy divorce.

I’d find it rather exhilarating. But we would need something to fight as well. Perhaps if she’d located a nice group of thieves or bandits we could deal with… that could be a bit more interesting. Nothing like fighting in a flawless team to remind you why you’re together in the first place.

I’ll settle for having the same goals and working for the same things. Guess we are alike it that way. We both want someone we can fight alongside, you’re just more literal about it than I am.

Yeah, didn’t think we’d have something like that in common.

Haha, yeah, for once we find something we actually agree on. Instead of arguing over everything.

Speaking of which, you stuck me on a horse for a week. That’s going to come back and haunt you. Just so you know.

Oh come on, you figured out how to ride the mare eventually.

I still don’t like horses. Leave me on my feet in the next book.

I’ll think about it. I’m sure there are other ways to make things interesting…

Oh, that doesn’t sound good.

Move Complete

Hey everyone,

Well, I’m all set up in new apartment with some friends of mine. Looking forwards to having a more consistent writing schedule, (making sure it won’t be another four months to the third book). My room mates are pretty inspirational over here.  The best part is they work so much I have the room to myself during the days, which cuts down on writing distractions. One is working two jobs and taking classes online. Another is finishing up his last few months of college and working while handling a girl friend on the side.

Yes and then there’s you.

What’s that supposed to mean? At least I worked out today. These other guys may be this close to their degrees, but they aren’t exactly in prime physical condition if you get what I mean.

And you are? I was doing twice as many pull-ups at half your age.

Well, not all of us are slated for physical combat from childhood. Here life is more about your people skills and a strong work ethic, than your ability to reliably perforate someone.

I like my way better. It’s easier to tell who wins.

Sorry bro, here we prefer keeping everyone alive.

You know, that’s kinda boring. Every now and again I still get an itch for a good sparing match. Got any spears lying around?

Absolutely not, and you can put down those kitchen knives. They are strictly meant for dead, non-human meat.

Meh, you’re taking all the fun out of life!

I think of it as protecting my life, but suit yourself.