Hey everyone,

Well, I’m all set up in new apartment with some friends of mine. Looking forwards to having a more consistent writing schedule, (making sure it won’t be another four months to the third book). My room mates are pretty inspirational over here.  The best part is they work so much I have the room to myself during the days, which cuts down on writing distractions. One is working two jobs and taking classes online. Another is finishing up his last few months of college and working while handling a girl friend on the side.

Yes and then there’s you.

What’s that supposed to mean? At least I worked out today. These other guys may be this close to their degrees, but they aren’t exactly in prime physical condition if you get what I mean.

And you are? I was doing twice as many pull-ups at half your age.

Well, not all of us are slated for physical combat from childhood. Here life is more about your people skills and a strong work ethic, than your ability to reliably perforate someone.

I like my way better. It’s easier to tell who wins.

Sorry bro, here we prefer keeping everyone alive.

You know, that’s kinda boring. Every now and again I still get an itch for a good sparing match. Got any spears lying around?

Absolutely not, and you can put down those kitchen knives. They are strictly meant for dead, non-human meat.

Meh, you’re taking all the fun out of life!

I think of it as protecting my life, but suit yourself.