Hey everybody, Happy V-Day!

I was pondering a bit on the holiday currently under way and decided to share a ray of hope for those of you still single (myself included).

When I was thirteen, there were three of us who were particularly close. Ben, Blake and I were the gaming guru’s of our little group (listed in the order of severity when it comes to electronic forms of entertainment). Ben owned and beat every N-64 game I ever heard of, Blake beat Final Fantasy Eight so many times they could listen to the soundtrack and name the place and characters for each song. Then there was me, who kinda dabbled in all of the above enough to maintain my dignity on multiplayer, but still managed to pull off something of a social life.

The years went by and predictions were made. Multiple parties decided I would marry first, followed by Blake and lastly Ben (the underlying theory being that the biggest gamer would meet less girls and so on and so forth). Low and behold, three years ago Ben beat us all to the punch! Apparently during his intermittent gaming sessions, he’d made a large enough impression to catch her interest and eventually a life-time committment 😉

In the true spirit of bro-law, we were invited to and attended the wedding. Blake and I sat in the back of the restaurant at the wedding reception, watching guests arrive and gifts pile up. I noticed my friend didn’t look particularly well, and when asked he responded, with a bewildered shake of his head. “I just can’t comprehend it. He’s not single anymore. How did this happen?”

At which point, being the understanding and sympathetic person that I am (riiiight), I leaned over and said, “Well, just imagine when it’s your wife-to-be saying ‘honey, here’s our present from so-and-so.'”

Blake reeled back in his seat, clutched his head and hissed, “No, no, no! That’s nuts! I’m not ready for that at all!”

Feeling particularly relentless I leaned in further and whispered “How about… Good morning daddy?”

Blake’s moan of mental overload filled the entire restaurant to such extents that even patrons on the opposite side of the building glanced over, making sure no one was in need of medical attention. Turns out, only a month later Blake found his special someone and married her six months later. Then it was my turn to have my mind blow, as my close friend went from Final Fantasy weekends to “My girl friend doesn’t like Playstation!”

Moral of the story, keep your chin up and keep on going 🙂 The right one is somewhere around the corner, so till he/she arrives make some memories with your friends and be on your guard for love unlooked-for. After all, it’s V-Day, you never know what will happen!