Hey Guys,

The next book in the series, Defiant, is already past the “first draft stage” and I’ve sent it off to my first reader for review. Once she’s done with it, I can make any major changes I need to and send it to my editor (who will soon be on his honeymoon, congratulations Jacob!). If all goes according to plan (and even if a few minor things don’t) Defiant will be on the market by the end of next month 🙂

Well Sebrick, Took you long enough to get that writing brain on the road. I spent months locked away in writer-limbo waiting for these people to get Deluge, thank the Gods I won’t have to wait as long to get Defiant out there.

It couldn’t be helped Kaltor, the holiday season is not known for its work ethic. Unless you get stuck babysitting during the family reunion.

That all depends on what’s motivating them and how fast they’re working… The freelancers I mean, not the sitter.

No, I will not kidnap, scheme or bully anyone into getting your stuff done faster. You will have to wait in line with the rest of the book characters. The holidays are just really busy and you’ll have to be patient.

I’m only patient before a job, while I scope out the target.

You will have to consider the holidays as serious “scope out” time then. Take it easy, relax a bit. While we wait, start telling me some useful detials for book 4, I’ve got to start brainstorming.