See, Kaltor? There it is, in black and white. Someone mastering these three principles in their youth are pretty much the best of all three worlds, the ‘Modern Jedi’. Get it wrong and you end up either a nerd, zombie or bum. That’s the real conflict growing up. No where on this table are combat skills, tracking or assassination techniques, get the picture? Our society is beyond that.

Nope, it’s there. They sub-headed combat training under social life.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

No, it makes perfect sense. If you want to associate with the best people (or woman for that matter) you’ll have to fight off all other interested parties. I know you people generally keep your wits about you when there are women watching, but the moment the object of your mutual desires leaves the stage, the battle will ensue.

There are some topics I feel like you will never understand. There is such a thing as gentlemen in this era, despite what hollywood would have you think.

Hey, I’ve seen the star wars movies. Jedi are quite impressive, don’t tell me a modern equivalent of a Jedi can’t handle himself in a fight.

Ok, bad example maybe. But you understand why I can’t arrange an accident for every guy that likes the same girl I like, right?

Because you’re too noisy to move unheard and to slow to strike from the shadows? All it takes is a push from the right angle as a car passes by and you’re good.

Sometimes, you creep me out. FYI.

FY What?

It means ‘For Your Information’.

Ah, ok then. What’s the ‘gentlemen’s’ equivalent of an assassination?

Depends on the girl. Some buy a puppy, others arrange for her to see them with kids. I’ve seen both fail and work. There are no guarantees in the dating world. It’s as perilous socially as yours is literally.

Right. I’m quivering in my boots right now at the thought of the infamous and terrifying ‘meet the parents’ moment.

Now you’re just mocking me. That’s a very real concern. He could be a judge or forensic expert, those could end very badly. One of these days you’ll have to co-exist with others in this world. You’re a YA character after all, as in child-friendly.

I’m fine with kids. I’m protective and if he’s got aptitude I’ll have using an effective choke hold within an hour.

Sigh. Remind me to not take you along to my upcoming family reunion.

Oh, I’ll be there. You just won’t see me 😉