Hey guys,

I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I’m adding a category called “Forgotten Chronicles”. Here I will post links to short stories written in memory of various characters within the “Assassin’s Rising” series. The catch here is anyone who is curious about the background of any character in Kaltor’s series, can email me at sbsebrick@gmail.com and request a short story detailing scene’s they’re curious about.

Once I’ve accumulated enough stories, I will be making them available as a short story collection in both electronic and paperback mediums. For now, they will be made availiabe in electronic formats for Kindles and Nooks alike.

For example, as a tribute to Kaltor’s friend, Jensai, I’m posting a story called “Son’s Bargain” which entails how the Battle Born Jensai first joined Master Taneth and his assassins.

This story is available on amazon for $1.00 by clicking here.

“Son’s Bargain” can also be found on Barnes and Noble’s website for $1.00, here.