Tonight I will be finishing the final draft of “Defiant”, so all that remains is finalizing the book cover. I expect to have that figured out by next week 🙂

It’s refreshing that this book has gone so smoothly. Thanks for your patience everybody. My next project before diving into the fourth book involves putting my ‘backlist’ up for sale as well. That’s a fancy way of saying I’m pulling up some previous novels I’ve left unfinished, dusting off the covers, and putting them up for sale as well. I will be putting these stories up under a different pen name (they are from various genres) but I’ll make sure to mention them here.

I still plan to get the fourth book in Kaltor’s story out by this summer, so  I’m still working on this series as well 🙂

I will see you guys next week (hopefully with “Defiant” up and running). Take care guys.