Hey everyone, great news! Defiant is now up for purchase as an E-Book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites. Here’s a copy of the book’s description below, I hope you all have the chance to check it out. I’ll post additional updates  later this month when “Defiant” comes out on Smashwords and as a paperback. Thanks for your patience everybody 🙂

Defiant’s Book Description: “Only a few weeks have passed since Kaltor and his friends defeated the Destroyer in a desperate battle for Levarion’s fate. Knowing their enemy’s relentless nature, Kaltor and Taneth venture into the mountains to train, only to inadvertently discover the next stage in the Demon’s plans.

Not only has she enlisted an army into her service, but she’s enhanced a group of viper hounds to weed out and kill off every Varadour in the region, before she even arrives at Shaylis. Kaltor’s abilities are tested and broken when he encounters a former student from Taneth’s past, whose hatred for the Battleborn rivals that of the Demon herself.

Shaylis’ walls and people are still battered from their previous fight against the Destroyer’s minions. If the enemy reaches Shaylis, there won’t be a long quiet siege, only war and blood.”