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Hey Guys,

I have a quick update for everyone. Defiant is now in paperback! Just click the ‘Assassin’s Rising’ link above and look up Defiant. Have a great day 🙂


Avengers Movie

For those of you who haven’t seen “The Avengers” movie yet, I thought it was very well done. Then again, considering the 640 million plus dollars it made in the first twelve days (according to, there might not be many of you who haven’t yet! I’ve been hypnotized my superheros like the Avengers and X-Men since I was five years old, so I doubt I was a very tough critic throughout the experience.

Speak for yourself Sebrick, it didn’t strike me as being very realistic.

Realistic? Kaltor, you do realize its just for fun right? It’s not a documentary or anything. It was just an awesome movie, relax and have some fun for a change. Oh and please don’t give anything away about the movie while you’re ranting, I don’t want any angry emails!

I don’t rant! To be honest, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the so-called ‘Master Assassins’. Compared to the rest of the Avengers, they just couldn’t do much. Oddly enough, those two were the most ‘human’ of the bunch.

Well, give Natasha some points at least. She can interrogate like no other. Even the other Avengers couldn’t match the results she can pull from a target. Plus, its Scarlett Johansson, you just can’t argue with her as the Black Widow.

… ok, fair enough. Even if you threw me in there, I’d end up putting most of my efforts into just staying alive and waiting for the big guns to finish the job. But still, even Captain America just couldn’t do as much damage in comparison to the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man.

He did set them up at the start of the fight though. As a soldier and leader, he’s the best equipped to lead them as a team. Given what you, Honmour and Talen have been going through, you can appreciate that right?

I suppose. They did do a good job of keeping things messy at least. It wasn’t a ‘good guys go take them out’, no one ‘good’ gets hurt, type of movie. It took them a while to really team up and get pointed in the right direction. Other than that, it was a great movie, very colorful.

I loved the humorous moments they mixed in as well. It did a great job of breaking up the tension and some of those moments were just fantastically funny! Great movie for any action/superhero lovers out there 🙂


The Long Haul

Hello again everybody.

I am settling in for the long haul now. Last month I got a part-time job at a local 50’s dinner to help pay the bills. The good news is it means I’ll still be able to keep more projects coming, the downside is it will take a bit longer for each book since I’m not writing fulltime.

I’m hoping to have the next Assassin’s Rising novel out by late August. Time will tell of course. I’m also resurrecting a couple old projects in the mean time, which you’ll hear about as soon as they hit the shelves. As always, I’m available to answer any other questions you might have at

A 50’s diner… Really?

Hey, Kaltor. It’s been a while. Where you been?

Trying to put a city back together. You?

Ummmm, washed dishes, prepped some food, and made milkshakes.

So, I’m supposed to return to my kin with tales of our mighty writer who… washes dishes and makes deserts?

Hey now, it’s the really good kind of milkshakes. They give you a metal tin with the extra ice cream!

I have little need for deserts. Do they not have anything redeeming over there?

Aside from a share of the tips? They have… knives! Lots of really sharp… ok, somewhat sharp knives.

Do you get to throw them?

Customers wouldn’t respond well to that. I do get to use the veggie slicers though, they’re so sharp I’ve split my finger open and not realized it.

Ohhh, that is sharp… very well, you have my disgruntled approval. How are your combat exercises coming?

Are we talking about life’s constant financial struggle to pay the bills? That’s going well.

… Oh maker’s might, don’t tell me you’ve become a couch potato? Summer is approaching. You want women to see you in your swim trucks and run the other way?

Ok, ok. I’ll add that to my list! Ease up!

After what you’ve put me through? Not likely. Get in shape or in the mornings I’m waking you to spar against me.