Hey everyone. This week I’m getting in touch with readers, book bloggers and giveaway winners to decide what content to focus on each month for the E-List. It’s a great way for me as a writer to get a better idea of your various tastes and backgrounds, which helps me write better books 🙂

Anyone interested in contributing, now is the best time to do so. Just send me an email at sbsebrick@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the list and send you some of the questions I’ve had rolling around in my head in regards to content.

Ok, Sebrick. That’s enough. It’s my turn!

Hey, Kaltor. It’s been a while.

No thanks to you.

Hey, easy on the hostility. The first draft is done! Just let me add a few more touches and send it to my mentor. Then it’s just a matter of time.

Time. The one thing I run out of faster than everyone else. How ironic.

Oh come on, I’ve got big plans for you! Hang in there.

You ‘hang in here’! I’d like to see you keep up with half of what I do. Heck, I’d love to see you just try to run along behind me.

Now that’s enough on the out-of-shape stabs, lol. I’m going to the gym and doing a cardio class, what more could you want from your author?

Aside from write faster? Or was that question rhetorical?

rhetorical? Why oh why did I let you read that dictionary?

Not my fault you use such big words. I feel like I’m working with a punnier version of my father. At least you don’t spend your life coughing up dust from hundred year old tomes, but would you at least buy a decent knife?

We already covered the ‘no weapons in the apartment’ topic earlier. I feet nervous enough with you staring over my shoulder as I write. I’m very aware of what you can do with your bare hands should I offend the ‘Kaltor Gods’.

That’s right, one tap of my fist and here comes the writer’s block!

Oh dear lord, not that again.  Fine, fine, I’ll start working on Keevan’s short story. People are going to be wondering about him after this. It’s time for a peak into his view on things 🙂

Sounds good to me, now get to work.

Yeah, yeah. I’m on it. Would you just back up a step or two?

You expect me to believe that me standing in your closet as you write will make you feel more comfortable?

… Good point. Go stand watch outside then. Go rooftop hopping.

You really think you can distract me with something as childish as… hmmmm. Alright, you win. May the Maker watch over you.

<in the distance, thump, thump, thump… wheeeeee!>

Same to you, you’re gonna need all the help you can get from the Maker 😉