Well, this summer was very eventfull from a writing perspective. I finally finished the rough draft for the next ‘Assassins’ Rising’ novel, Desolate. My mentor, DiAnne, is currently picking it apart and my cover artist is brainstorming ideas for the cover. I’m also publishing a number of short stories (some are edited versions of last year’s stories, like ‘Outcast of the Flame’ and others are brand new, like ‘Battle For Dominance’).

I also attended a Writing workshop called, ‘Think Like A Publisher’, taught by best selling authors Dean Wesley Smith and Scott William Carter. We spent a three day weekend on the coast of Oregon discussing how to handle everything from document formats, book covers, various sales venues and the like. After participating in the workshop, I was also put on the ‘Oregon Writer’s Network’ which connects me to over a hundred other former students of Dean’s, all interesting in writing for a living.

On top of my restuarant job and writing fiction, I’m also putting together a autobiography for my friend Veronica. We met at a college graduation party and started talking. Turns out english isn’t her first language, so she wanted a writer to take a crack at interviewing her and organizing her thoughts into a book. She was actually adopted into the US from Mexico as a child, thanks to a child adoption scam. I think she’ll be putting it up on amazon when it’s done, so I’ll keep you guys informed when that happens.

By the time I’m done with Veronica’s autobiography, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Desolate, which I hope to have published before the end of October. Since my goal is to be financially self-suffient off my writing by christmas, I have two more novels and a handful of short stories I want to publish before then. After that my only option is to cross my fingers and wait.

I hope your summers all went according to plan (or didn’t if you prefer to be more spontaneous). These next few months will be intense since I’m juggling three projects, but I’m excited to see the end results at the year’s end 🙂