Yesterday I sat down with my mentor and discussed the first draft of ‘Desolate’. First, we sat down with her husband and watched the opening twenty minutes of a ‘Jessie Stone’ murder mystery. The script writers do a great job of mixing in personal tidbits of each character to give the story real-life depth, without going on huge tangents into everyone’s lives (must be a not-so-subtle hint about how my novels can improve).

She did a great job performing open heart surgery on it and gave me a lot to think about. Her critiques are a godsend, don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not going to improve if I am not pushed, but there’s always that initial shock of ‘Oh wow, I have a long way to go before I’ll feel like I’ve got this down.’

The novel is progressing well and should be up for sale by the end of next month. Once I’m done with my mentor’s revisions the novel goes to my editor, who runs through it twice to make sure we get all those sneaky hiccups in the formating and such before it gets published.