Welcome to a new week everybody 🙂

I managed to hit the computer this morning before my job at the diner, so here’s the latest updates. This week I am revising ‘Desolate’ which I will be sending off to the editor at the end of the week. Due to some school issues on his part, the short stories he’s editing are taking a bit longer to edit than he planned (hopefully he’s done with them before I send the novel over or he’s going to be up to his ears in fantasy stuff).

My friend Star was kind enough to host an author interview for me on her blog, The Bibliophil​ic Book Blog. If you’d like to read the interview, check it out here.

My side job writing up a woman’s autobiography is winding down to its conclusion. It’s been weird writing a memoir! When the entire story is in someone’s own words, you can’t adjust the narration as easily as you can in fiction writing, which has made the experience challenging and rewarding.

I’m also moving later this week from my apartment I’ve been splitting with three friends, into my grandpa’s house. This arrangement will allow me to put more money into publishing new novels and get them out faster (the benefits of which, I hope to see by next year).

I’ll be in touch later this week with more. Enjoy your monday and start the your countdowns, the weekend is only four days away 🙂