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Kaltor Guest Post

With ‘Desolate’ coming up next week, I’m throwing a book giveaway of ‘Decoy’ on Kaltor himself was kind enough to participate in the discussion, so if you enjoy our rants feel free to check it out.

It started with my trying to introduce ‘Desolate’ in conjunction to the arrival of Halloween. I wish I hadn’t made the trick or treat comment… It went something like this:

“Kaltor. Candy gathering is part of the holiday, quite possibly the most beloved part of the holiday by children everywhere. I’m reminding the readers of all the loot they used to gather.
Loot? In my world a hidden blade can save your life. King’s pay small fortunes in gold to out-maneuver the assassins of a rival. Most importantly, the Destroyer is out trying to use men’s souls as a bargaining chip for her own salvation. It has nothing to do with trick-or-treat.
But it has everything to do with Halloween! We’re talking about a recently freed demon on a killing spree and a bunch of aspiring assassins trying to put her back in her prison. It’s a perfect fit, don’t you agree?
…Aspiring? Did you just call me aspiring?!
Oh… Crap.”
To finish the conversation, click here and check out the last half of her October 24th post. Enjoy 🙂
And yes, you heard me right, ‘Desolate’ will be hitting electronic book shelves by next weekend!

Three New Short Stories

For those of you who enjoy shorter stories (of the $2.99 variety) I just published 3 more on amazon, barnes and noble and They are ‘Binding Trial’, ‘Lucian’s Trial,’ and ‘Revenge to Redemption.’ Some of these are revised and edited versions of short stories I wrote last year, but this week I’m tackling some new ones as well.

I did these covers myself, with a little help from Each one includes a sample of my first novel, Decoy, so sharing these with your friends would be a great way to pull them into ‘Assassin’s Rising’ as well!

Well, this week will be very memorable. Bri made it clear if I didn’t take four days off for the wedding she’d hunt me down herself. Thankfully my boss at work was willing to be flexible and managed to swing the free days I needed. Otherwise my life itself might have ended in a cliff hanger! My second oldest sister, Brianna, is getting married 🙂 I haven’t seen her this happy in years. She’s marrying her best friend and couldn’t be happier. It’s exciting 🙂

Exciting? Speak for your self. You have people rooming in here from all over the country. Ugh, I hate crowds.

It’s a wedding Kaltor, what did you expect?

It’s a perfect assassination opportunity. Walking through crowds is like tying a flag to your hindquarters titled, ‘Insert blade here.’

You’re not in any of the novels at the moment, so no one here is going to try to kill you. Promise. I have more books I need from you anyways.

That didn’t help Taneth or Honmour out much did it? They’re still around, mostly. How am I supposed to rest easy when you could be planning on maiming me in some way during the festivities?

Well, if you’re that worried about it, you can move into the attic. No one will be up there.

Wait… There’s an attic?

Yes, didn’t you know that?

Obviously not!

Oh. I was wondering why you were bunked out in my closest. We aren’t that crowded-

Grrrr, Sebrick, If I didn’t have to worry about the events of the next book… We’d see just how fast you can run.

Then I’d have to invent a good anti-assassin character really fast to beat you away, I get the picture. Go roll up your bedroll and get some sleep. Just don’t whittle at the rafters with your daggers. The last thing I need is the roof caving in on a future in-law.

October’s Goals

Well, last week was pretty busy but I am back 🙂 I moved out of my apartment and into my Grandpa’s house, which means the money I’m saving goes into getting ‘Desolate’ out as soon as possible! We’re shooting for October 31st as the goal, with any luck we might get it out a few days earlier than that.

Tonight I’ll be looking at my cover artist’s initial designs for the cover, which is also coming along on schedule. I’m excited to see what kind of images she has in mind, since she has a knack for illustration, as well as photo manipulation.

For those of you who also enjoy short stories, I’ll be going over a new batch this month with my mentor. I’m hoping to practice a couple of writing techniques in the short-term environment of a short story, so I can improve it at a faster rate and make the next Kaltor novel even better.

Yes, I’m already outlining the fifth Kaltor novel, but the character’s haven’t told me what the title will be yet. Oddly enough, that’s usually the last part a novel that I write. I like to wait until I have the entire draft done, that way my characters don’t get the chance to change things on my at the last second.

That’s about it for now. Kaltor is off nursing is most recent wounds, but he should be back ‘on the air’ later this week. Take care and have a great day everyone!