Well, this week will be very memorable. Bri made it clear if I didn’t take four days off for the wedding she’d hunt me down herself. Thankfully my boss at work was willing to be flexible and managed to swing the free days I needed. Otherwise my life itself might have ended in a cliff hanger! My second oldest sister, Brianna, is getting married 🙂 I haven’t seen her this happy in years. She’s marrying her best friend and couldn’t be happier. It’s exciting 🙂

Exciting? Speak for your self. You have people rooming in here from all over the country. Ugh, I hate crowds.

It’s a wedding Kaltor, what did you expect?

It’s a perfect assassination opportunity. Walking through crowds is like tying a flag to your hindquarters titled, ‘Insert blade here.’

You’re not in any of the novels at the moment, so no one here is going to try to kill you. Promise. I have more books I need from you anyways.

That didn’t help Taneth or Honmour out much did it? They’re still around, mostly. How am I supposed to rest easy when you could be planning on maiming me in some way during the festivities?

Well, if you’re that worried about it, you can move into the attic. No one will be up there.

Wait… There’s an attic?

Yes, didn’t you know that?

Obviously not!

Oh. I was wondering why you were bunked out in my closest. We aren’t that crowded-

Grrrr, Sebrick, If I didn’t have to worry about the events of the next book… We’d see just how fast you can run.

Then I’d have to invent a good anti-assassin character really fast to beat you away, I get the picture. Go roll up your bedroll and get some sleep. Just don’t whittle at the rafters with your daggers. The last thing I need is the roof caving in on a future in-law.