With ‘Desolate’ coming up next week, I’m throwing a book giveaway of ‘Decoy’ on http://blkosiner.blogspot.com/. Kaltor himself was kind enough to participate in the discussion, so if you enjoy our rants feel free to check it out.

It started with my trying to introduce ‘Desolate’ in conjunction to the arrival of Halloween. I wish I hadn’t made the trick or treat comment… It went something like this:

“Kaltor. Candy gathering is part of the holiday, quite possibly the most beloved part of the holiday by children everywhere. I’m reminding the readers of all the loot they used to gather.
Loot? In my world a hidden blade can save your life. King’s pay small fortunes in gold to out-maneuver the assassins of a rival. Most importantly, the Destroyer is out trying to use men’s souls as a bargaining chip for her own salvation. It has nothing to do with trick-or-treat.
But it has everything to do with Halloween! We’re talking about a recently freed demon on a killing spree and a bunch of aspiring assassins trying to put her back in her prison. It’s a perfect fit, don’t you agree?
…Aspiring? Did you just call me aspiring?!
Oh… Crap.”
To finish the conversation, click here and check out the last half of her October 24th post. Enjoy 🙂
And yes, you heard me right, ‘Desolate’ will be hitting electronic book shelves by next weekend!