Well, here I am throwing out the trash, sweeping the floors and hiding my favorite cereal in my room … yep, relatives must be coming over!

I’d like to take a moment for us to consider how blessed we truly are. Here in the US of A we get so focused on our ‘to-do’ lists, our careers and the day-to-day toil, we forget to be happy with what he have.

I don’t take as much time to think about that as I should, especially since I spent two years living abroad. While living in Argentina, I did not once see a house without bars on the windows and iron gates over the doors, thanks to the high crime rate in the cities I lived in. Wild dogs ran in packs through the streets, like rats, carrying all kinds of diseases. Houses were made of concrete and the desert environment meant the floors followed suit, little was ever truly clean. I saw carpet only once in two years. Then there was the lack of american bacon (very different from basic pig meat) and maple syrup.

I met some families though, living in these kind of conditions, who were the happiest I’d ever seen. They had a roof over head to shelter their loved ones, hot and cold running water and a steady job. That was all they really needed, mixed with the company of those they love. Don’t forget, while you’re swiming through the deluge of school, careers, and jobs, to take the time to serve with those you love. That’s where the moments you’ll treasure most will be. I haven’t met many elderly people whose regrets were ‘I wish I’d put more time into my job’. But I’ve met many a parent who’s said, ‘I wish I had worked less and spent more time with my kids.”

Make the most of this Thanksgiving season! Make a list of things you are grateful for. While Christmas is on the rise, find someone who doesn’t have something on that list, and make their day. That’s a memory you can cherish for a very long time 🙂