Got to love that moment when you have your holiday shopping planned just right… You already of the gifts picked out and all that remains is wait the last necessary two weeks for the final paycheck, then you get the text message: “Since the whole family will be in town next week instead of the 25th, we’re moving Christmas to the 11th. See you there!”

Just like that, you’re careful plan of procrastination comes tumbling down! Hmmm, guess that leaves improvisation. What’s the phrase? Desperation leads to flexibility.

Sounds appropriate for most situations, Sebrick, particularly if you are literally tied up. Some of the best escape artists I’ve met were incredibly flexible.

Hey Kaltor, that’s not particularly helpful at the moment. Any ideas for a family of four? They have a two-year old girl and an infant.

You could always buy one of those harnessed that hooks up to a cable outside. It would give the girl room to run around.

Those are for dogs, Kaltor. Do you have any idea how my sister would respond if I bought her daughter a dog harness and a cable?

Joy filled cries of gratitude and/or laughter?

Nice try. I might as well by my niece a doggie bowl and paint her name on the front.

It’s a compliment. Now if you bought her stuff for a cat, that would be offensive.

That makes no sense. I’m comparing her to a household pet either way.

Well, I’ve seen people treat their pets even better than they do their children.

That’s just sad, Kaltor. Not to mention irrelevant. My sister doesn’t have a pet. The poor creature would never survive my niece.

All the more reason to get the kid a harness, she sounds dangerous!

Not dangerous, just overly curious. How is a dog harness better than cat stuff?

Isn’t it obvious? Dogs are used to functioning as part of a pack, or in this case, family. Cats are just selfish creatures out for themselves, the worst possible personality type to add into any military unit.

That is so wrong on so many levels. I can’t wait until you have a child of your own. You try to put him or her in a harness and your wife will kick you from here to Seattle.

Hey, I for one, am no longer single 😉 Can you say the same?

I had I feeling I’d regret hooking you two up, she seems to make you even tougher to put up with.

Well, too late now. Those books are already published!

Yeah, but there’s always the next book…