I hope you all got the chance to do the countdown and welcome in a new year, may your resolutions for 2013 lift you higher than 2012’s ever could. Then again, if your resolutions are the same as the ones of yester year, good luck in taking another shot at achieving them. One of my goals for this year is to finish Kaltor’s series, not an easy feat when you don’t know all the gory details of the story yet.

Well Sebrick, maybe if you’d be more persistent with putting them to paper, I’d give you a bit more warning about what’s coming next. I like keeping you guessing until the last chapter.

More persistent? You do realize some writers only manage a single book per year. It would take them almost a decade for them to write what I’m doing in two years. How about you put ‘be more grateful’ as a new year’s resolution?

I’ve got enough of my own issues to work out, thank you very much. Most of them are your fault.

How is it my fault you can’t ride a horse well?

You’re the writer. Can’t you just skim over the less-dignifying predicaments I get into? Paint a more heroic picture?

This is not a memoir or a biography, its epic fantasy. The ‘best’ moments of the series only shine when painted against the ‘worst’ ones. That’s just good fiction. I don’t know of any authors who only write about sunshine and lollipops, not ones that sell anyway.

Shall I compare you to current authors who sell more? There’s quite a list here…

Taunting me won’t get me to write any faster, Kaltor. Besides, that list is purely for research purposes. There’s always more to learn for more experienced writers.

The first lesson being ‘persistence?’

You know, I haven’t finished the end of your fifth book yet. You sure you want to bring this up on the weekend I’m finishing it? Perhaps a lucky hit from a sight seeker should give you a five-year old’s mind, just for a while…

Then you’d have a varadour enhanced, battleborn trained tantrum on your hands, demanding the next book be finished immediately. You really think after a few self-defense courses you could keep me under control and still have time to write?

You know, maybe if these conversations were a bit more harmonious I wouldn’t get writer’s block so often.

I already offered you the cure for that. You refused my help.

A knife point tickling my shoulder blades does not qualify as a cure. Besides, stabbing is an empty threat. Who’s going to write your story if I kick the bucket?

I’m a Battleborn, I’d improvise.

You can barely work the keyboard, much less write a novel. How about you stick to your gifts and I’ll stick to mine?

Fair enough, just get a move on with those goals of yours. I’m not the only one waiting for my next book to hit the shelves.

Yes, master (sarcastic eye roll).

I saw that. Don’t mock me.

Alright, alright. I’m getting to work now, see? I’m typing away on my keyboard. Click, click, click…