Hey everyone,

My psychology class got canceled this morning, so I have a quick chance to write. Till March 22nd, I’m neck-deep in Nursing Pre-Requisite classes, so writing’s been a tough hobby to keep up with. On the plus side, I finally got the first draft of ‘Deliverance’ done last weekend and shipped it to my Mentor and Editor. With any luck, I’ll have it out by the time school gets out at the end of March.

The following thought popped into my mind after a night mare last night. It was the variety involving half-eaten corpses crawling across the carpet towards my bed, but the resulting idea made me laugh, so I guess the experience wasn’t a total loss, lol.

Being a writer:

Pro: All nightmares can be systematically compiled into a list of viable assets in the forms of monsters, villains and situations to torment my characters and interest readers.

 Con: Who in their right mind wakes up from a wet-your-pants nightmare in the middle of the night, records it in as much detail as possible and what’s more, revisits it periodically in the course of their job? We writers can be a masochistic lot in that sense.