Hey Everyone,

It feels great to be back in the ‘writing’ phase now. Classes went well, but it was frustrating not having as much time to write as I’m used to. I just got the first critique of ‘Deliverance’ back from my mentor. Keep in mind, when she sends me a critique, its not like when a kid gets an ‘owie’ and needs a bandaid. When she critiques something, it more like she disects it, feeds it through a wood chipper and returns it to me with the instructions ‘fix the following’.

Speaking of wood chippers…

Kaltor, ease up. I’m back now, alright? Education had to come first. Writing is fun but it only makes sense to have a back up option.

Back up, Sebrick? You take much longer to get this next book out and you’ll need a lot of back up. Which you won’t be able to get. I’ve been in your world long enough to know that the police don’t respond well to phone calls from writers about their characters trying to kill them.

Alright, alright! I’m working on the next draft. See? I’m flipping through the pages of corrections, lots and lots of corrections.

You’d rather try your hands at bone conditioning?

Not particularly.

Then count your blessings and get to work.