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Hey everyone. I’m proud to announce with the coming of fall, I’ve finished the next installment of my ‘Assassin’s Rising’ series. It’s currently available for both Kindle readers and Smashwords users at only $6.99, with Nook and Kobo books soon to follow. As a special treat, the first novel in the series, ‘Decoy’ is currently on sale at amazon for only $2.99. Let your friends know about this special discounted price so they can try out ‘Assassin’s Rising’ as well!

Deliverance E-Cover FINAL

In her last moments, the Destroyer revealed a great secret in the heart of Levarion’s King, Taleveer. A dark truth no true Battleborn of Levarion can let stand. But now Kaltor walks as any other Battleborn, without his Remnant power to sustain him.

Fractured allegiances, broken oaths and desperate escapes hurl Kaltor back into Levarion’s heart. Family loyalties will burn. True love will turn to stone. Taleveer’s greatest ally surfaces for the former-Remnant’s blood, a foe even the might of the Destroyer could not touch.

Sages, the ultimate bonding of flesh and stone, walk the earth once again.


Fate of the Child



A common question I’ve gotten, is what happened to Keevan Stratagar all those years ago? This is his story of the dangers he endured as an infant. This, is how the Sight Seeker Remnant disappeared without a trace, from beneath the eyes of Levarion’s finest. Here’s the description below:

“Charged with the task of secretly escorting the infant child, Keevan, to safety, Captain Cahlder thinks his early retirement an easy thing to earn. But an enemy ambush scatters even the best laid plans to the wind. The battle leaves the old soldier with a child to protect, a failing grasp on reality and an forgotten race marshaling its forces to take the child for their own.”