While I was working on the next Kaltor novel, I realized I needed to better understand Delena’s origin story. One thing lead to another and, despite my plans for only a ten page work, forty-seven pages blew by and birthed the following story.

“When Delena, the Obsidian Sage, finds evidence her long-lost brother Pelorum is alive in Levarion, she abandons her fellow sages at the Summit and races to his side. But after five centuries on his own, Pelorum’s no longer the brother she once cherished. Their reunion brings to light a horrible secret and her brother’s intentions for her are anything but compassionate. Surviving his twisted plans will take every ounce of Delena’s courage and wit as she endeavors to escape a terrible trap hundreds of years in the making.”
‘Betrayal’ is currently available for sale for $3.99 on Amazon (for kindle users) and (which provides every other format from nooks to IPads). Enjoy 🙂