I was reading through some old journal entries of mine, from earlier this year and re-discovered a thought that’s stuck with me lately. Being ordinary or extraordinary, are both choices. Oftentimes, as we go about our daily lives and routines, we look at others who are more successful and think they’re cut from a different cloth than us. As if the virtue of who they are, or how they were raised granted them some great gift of success that ‘normal’ people couldn’t hope to attain.

Becoming extraordinary at something, anything really, is a daily choice we make to put time into it. Of course, at the time I was thinking about my writing career. But this advice applies to just about any hobby or skill you can develop over time. The trick is putting a daily effort into it, even a small one. We sometimes overlook how quickly the ‘little’ efforts add up. If I write 250 words per day, that’s still over 90,000 words (or 350 pages) per year.

So, pick a passion you enjoy. Put fifteen or twenty daily minutes into it for a month and see where you end up. Who knows, you just might find a lucrative hobby you can monetize or a new skill to set you apart from your peers. You can always be excellent at something. Make it something you enjoy, something extraordinary.